"Very good pies. Not cheap, but absolutely worth the price. "
- Barb P. - Clarks Summit 2012

"The coconut custard cream is outstanding. Not at all like the grocery store pies. Well worth the drive to this quaint store."
- Martha Z. Taylor 2012

"The breakfast sandwich is the best around. Two eggs, bacon, two cheese slices on the killer roll. Sit on the porch if the weather permits and enjoy the occasional car that drives by. "
- Jim, Newton 2012

"More than 10 years ago, I waited in a line outside his father's shop on Thanksgiving for an apple pie, I visited Richard's shop this year for Thanksgiving and Christmas. He hasn't missed a beat. The apple pie is delicious."  (Click for article)
- Harold J. - S. Abington Twsp  to Michael Iorfino, Scranton Times-Tribune, July 2012

"Great stromboli. The best I have ever had."
- Tom, Ransom 2012

"The coconut custard pie turned the clock back 25 years, I bought it 30 hours ago, and am back for another." 
- Sgt S., Ransom  2012

Thank you for making us the most delicious apple crumb pie ......♥
- Carolyn, Clarks Summit 2012

"My, My, My... What A pie!!! Drove 65 miles... had lunch at the Store and took home a banana cream pie. Wow, Wow, Wow..."
- Linda August 2012

Stacy Lange of Channel 16 TV reports on Williams Pies on Thanksgiving Eve 2012.
Click here to see the video.

"These pies are an old-fashion luxury item that are always a 'special treat'. They are still 'the real thing'. Try a crumb or cream pie to see. "
- Bill H.,  Taylor   November 2012

"THANKS Rich for returning to Dunmore. We missed Williams Pies. They are still great!"
- Lisa R., Dunmore, 2013

Stacy Lange of Channel 16 TV reports on Williams Pies return to Dunmore.
Click here to see the video.

"We lived near the original store and missed it when it closed. WELCOME BACK!! ...and Thanks!  Your pies are still great!"
- Ted, Dunmore, January 2013

"The best pies around. Glad you are back..."
- Ann, Dunmore, January 2013

""...The Banana Cream is to die for"
- Patti, February 2013

""...I'm not just saying it...these pies are REALLY GOOD"
- Melanie M, 94.3 FM, May  2013

""...the crumb topping is not ordinary flavorless crumbs but is tasty and adds to the pie."
- M,  May 2013

"" the coconut custard and lemon meringue."
- Tom, Dunmore May 2013

""...the pies are worth the drive from Wilkes-Barre."
- Louise, Wilkes-Barre May 2013

"" husband and I don't usually eat pies but these are special pies for special times"
- Betty, Scranton, June 2013

""... Mom was mad for weeks when I ate the Williams pie AND crust...better than hers"
- Phil, Scranton, June 2013

""... the pie pockets are SO good...real crust and fillings ...much better than the week old stuff in the store"
- Jim, Scranton, August 2013

""... nothing like calling ahead and picking up a warm Williams Pie for dinner"
- Stan, Dunmore, November 2013

""Love your pasties and pirogies!"
- Bob, Scranton, January 2014

""The best cannolli I've ever had!"
- Maryann,  Scranton, March 2014

"warm, comfortable, quaint, and comparable to places I traveled to New England to see"  (Click to see review)
- Yelp review, 2012 click above to read

“It’s just a wonderful and welcoming environment. The dough is made from scratch and so is everything else. Bringing a pie [from Williams’ Pies] to someone’s home is like bringing a gift,” (Click for article)
Lisa M. to Stephanie Elko of The Abington Journal, June 2012

"I've waited 25 years for this pie, I can easily wait another 10 minutes (for it to come out of the oven)"
- J.O.  - Dunmore

“The Williams are people persons. They are very thoughtful and hard workers. Their main ingredient is L. O. V. E.,”  (Click for article)
Linda H. to Stephanie Elko of The Abington Journal, June 2012

“"What is the most sought after pie?" (Drew)
"A Williams Pie" (Rich) (Click for video)
Rich Williams to Drew of The Here-A-Year Newsletter - Random Pennsylvania Fun - Milwaukee, November 2012

"Reminds me of holidays of old when the lines were long but the wait was worth it. Thanks for reviving this great tradition..."
Rusty - Throop 2012

"Try a pie and you'll know why...we were surprised and delighted to see Willliams Pies back again. This long lost treat is unique and worth a short drive to "the country" in Ransom. .
- Tony, Dickson City,  December 2012

"That apple pie lasted  just 36 hours in our house, with 3 of us."
- Mary, Avoca, December 2012

"It's great to have Williams back in the neighborhood. "
- Bob G., Dunmore, January 2013

"Your pies and bakery bring back so many wonderful memories for many people."
- Stan, Dunmore, January 2013

"Welcome back to Dunmore, now I can afford to buy the pies. We were so poor when I was a kid, Mom would send me to just smell them".
- Tony, Dunmore, January 2013

"Great Pizza !!!!!! Can't wait to try other goodies."
- Steve, Dunmore, February 2013

""Your pizza crust is lighter, thinner, airyer than pre bought shells...we like it this way"
- Toby, February 2013

""... the ONLY place around to get a fresh dessert pie and great pizza or stromboli. Even though you moved ,it's worth the drive "
- Jim, Clarks Summit, February 2013

""...we are so happy you are back in town. Your pies are wonderful."
- Mary, Dunmore May 2013

""...I'm a good baker, and even make pies...but why should I bother when yours are so good." - Ann, Scranton,  May 2013

""...the fresh apples you use make a big difference from the canned fillings "
- Dave, Scranton, May 2013

""...the parfait cannollis  are great. The fillings are light , perfect  for summer desserts or just walk off treats. Great idea!! "
- Mel, Scranton, June 2013

""...we can never make up our mind on which pie to get, so we usually get two"
- Frank, Dunmore, June 2013

""...this is the same Strawberry Parait Creme we loved 25 years ago!!"
- Ann, Scranton, July 2013

""...this is the ONLY place you can get great fresh dough pizza and a dessert pie at once"
- Tina, Dunmore, July 2013

""Love the pasties and pierogies"
- Marie, Dunmore,   December 2013

""Glad we found you again...we missed you"
- Terry, Newton Township,  December 2013

""Mom in FL LOVED the pie we sent.
Thanks so much"
- Her Daughter, Dunmore,  April 2014
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